What Is Web Hosting?

A description of web hosting and its use

Web hosting is a vital part of the system that allows you to access a web page. A web host provides a website owner with disk space on a special computer called a web server. This web server is located in a data center, where it is hooked into super fast connections, and protected with immense cooling systems, backup generators, and 24/7 monitoring.

By placing files on a web server, a website owner is making those files available to anyone who types in the website address such as "yourname.com". When a person types in the website address, the person is sending a request to the web server for the files that make up that website. The web server then sends the files back to the website visitor's browser, which displays them accordingly. The files sent back to the website visitor typically include images and HTML files (HTML files are a type of web page coding).

Thus, without web hosting a website cannot exist, because people can't access the files that make up that website. This makes choosing a good web host all the more important, because if the web server isn't very good and crashes a lot, the files that make up your website will many times be unavailable, and people will be unable to access it. This can lead to a loss in business, and other problems.

One thing to look out for is web hosts that oversell their services, because these types of web hosts tend to be less reliable. You can read more about overselling here: What Is Overselling?.

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Hostamina.com knocks the competition out of the water

Presenting Hostamina.com, a reliable, premium, honest web host with outstanding support. Unlike most web hosts, Hostamina does NOT oversell its services.

In today's web hosting industry, overselling and overloading servers is rampant and widespread. However, Hostamina.com does not believe in misleading customers into thinking they are getting something when they aren't. Hostamina wants customers to know they are getting exactly what they pay for, and that the servers won't be overcrowded and slow. They are honest, and provide an unmatched level of service.


"So earlier this month I decided to buy hosting from Hostamina.com - I called them on their toll free number and they seemed like they would be very helpful and they said they were willing to help me from the ground up because I'm kind of new to websites.

It kills me to say this (because everyone says it's so easy), but I barely even know HTML. Anyway, I signed up with them and didn't even know where to begin. They showed me where I could choose from thousands of free website templates, and then they even helped me customize it! They explained to me what was wrong with my HTML code and how to fix it, and even fixed some of it themselves!

So, after reading so many hosting horror stories all over the internet this made me feel kind of lucky that I picked a good one for my first host.

Also, my pages always seem to load really fast - I think this has something to do with them not overselling like a lot of the supposedly unlimited space/bandwidth companies, but I'm not quite sure." - John McCalister

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